Although unkempt and dusty, most people would describe Joe as one of the few honest men in the wasteland and a "salt of the earth" person.

A well built, broad shouldered man closing in on his forties, Joe is a very good individual to count among your friends in the American Wastes. He is able to hold his own in a fight, has a remarkable knowledge for machinery and simple tech and even knows the essentials of horticulture.

History Edit

Born the only son to a greenhouse farmer and mechanic Joe grew up in relative comfort in Falstaff, a settlement that emerged out of Fort Wayne, IN.

Joe became interested in the grimey and physically demanding work of the scrappers and mechanics his father worked with and got into line of work along with his father. When his father fell ill with tetanus after an accident, Joe assumed his position. This required him to deal with the Sunset Riders, a local gang. This didn't bother him much since the Sunset Riders worked more to protect and provide for the settlement rather than raiding like the Motor City Reavers.

Eventually, the Reavers began pressuring the Riders to patch over and provide mechanical services in exchange for protection. When the president resigned and the Riders were forced to patch over, Joe became more vocal about his opinions of the Reavers. As time went on, tensions began to increase and after a physical confrontation with the new chapter president Angus Wayville, Joe decided to leave the Reavers and Falstaff.

Driving off in his personal car he headed south east towards the Bayou, planning to catch a ferry to Europe. But as the humid climate started to both affect his mood and equipment and he heard talks about a conflict brewing on the European continent, he turned westward and started heading towards Houston.

After arriving he established himself as a reliable scrapper, often contracted to retrieve specific materials or objects in from wastes.

Equipment Edit

"Lockjaw" Edit

Named after the disease that eventually claimed the life of his father, Joe keeps his trusty crossbow with him when out scrap hunting. Mostly used for scaring of wildlife or simpleminded mutants or to create distractions.

"Bridgette" Edit

Named after a woman with explosive temper that Joe had a brief relationship with in his early 20's. A makeshift, single shot gun that doubled as both flare gun and grenade launcher.