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Blood & Dust is an online play-by-post RP game in development for Facepunch Forums which features an intricate wild west themed post-apocalyptic universe, as well as deep lore. Documented here are the races, factions, settings and backgrounds found in this expansive game world for future reference. Conceptually created by Facepunch user Infab in the year 2017, Blood & Dust is set on a future Earth which as been ravaged by a third (and nuclear) world war and years of anarchy following the collapse of society in 2145. It is centered around various characters and their stories in this hellish landscape three hundred years after civilization's collapse, as factions rise from the ashes of the old world.

Blood & Dust
Story: Rebirth

Player Characters: Eliza CohenJasper ClarkeYellow EagleKlara BjörnkloJoseph SergeantBoomboxRoadrash

Characters: John MastersonSarah DrakeJack DixonLilith DawnLinn SvärdVolkMarauders

Races: HumanGEHMutantCyborgSynthRobot

Factions: The Republic of Texas (The Texas RangersThe Marshals) • The Union of the EagleMotor City ReaversConfederation of Unified DistrictsSin City FirewheelsCommune of RoswellUnited Nordic CoalitionNew European Order

Locations: The American WastesThe BayouLas Piedras LunaresHouston (Lady Luck) • DallasMotor CityPhillyPittsburghOrleansMemphisMinneapolisMilwaukeeSin CityRoswellKnoxFort HoodFort WayneCamp RoanokeThe City of the DeadArea 51Scandinavian BadlandsNew Stockholm

Lore: World War 3Post-World War 3

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